Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Access to Capital Markets through Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and Corporate Finance Solutions for small and medium-sized companies (SME).

At Metrocore we have established a range of solutions to solve challenges in the arena of SME aviation sector finance. Tailored to the needs of SMEs, we facilitate the raising of capital and provide access to investors and corporate finance solutions.

The entrepreneurs’ and shareholder dilemma;

While large and established firms find it relatively easy to raise finance, entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized firms find it more difficult to raise funds or finance their activities. Moreover, a major problem with obtaining equity finance can be the inability of the smaller firms to offer an easy exit route for any investor who wishes to sell their stock. In addition; many entrepreneurs worked for many years, often decades, to build their companies and find it difficult or even impossible to extract money from their business, without going for a full trade sale.

When it comes to debt finance; in general, banks and other financial institutions tend to ask for personal guarantees from owners of small businesses and will set interest rates at higher levels than those charged to large companies with long track records and substantial assets.

An entangled position is used to describe a situation where banks are unwilling to increase credit facility without a corresponding increment in security (collateral) from the part of the small business that in turn may be unwilling or unable to make such an increment. Some banks even require that the owners’ equity in the business be increased before further credit line be given.

It is particularly difficult for small companies to obtain medium-term loans due to a mismatching of the maturity of assets and liabilities. Longer term loans are easier to obtain than the medium and short-term loans. The reason is that longer-term loans are secured with mortgages against property. This is known as the Maturity gap.

We have established a range of corporate finance solutions to address these challenges effectively.

Equity capital financing for small and medium-sized companies (SME) offers an efficient financing option. Having public stock is transformative for small and medium-sized business owners. The public listing allows founders to sell shares, raise capital for growth and innovation, and increase the firm’s public profile significantly.

By being on the public stock market the business owner has a viable and liquid currency and can monitor personal wealth in real time. It creates financial freedom for the business founders and investors.

Metrocore services support you with your IPO, increase placement reach and provide many benefits to ensure continued success.

SME cluster strategy

The SME cluster strategy is a clever way of conglomerating several small and medium-sized companies in a holding structure for a collaborative IPO (Initial Public Offering).

A group of companies operating in related industry sectors come together in a collaborative IPO, at a public stock exchange most suitable for the specific situation. The result of doing so is to increase the value of each of the businesses in the holding instantly, without changing the individual companies.

The company owners keep full control and majority ownership of their respective companies. Our model requires each company to typically commit 20% of their company stock for flotation with the option to increase in steps up to 100% where desired.

Under the cluster model, companies need to be profitable, have a low indebtedness and must be audited. This is a model that is suitable for the top performers of small and medium-sized companies, and certainly not any SME.

Target groups

  • Small and medium-sized companies (SME)
  • Companies, seeking capital for growth and liquidity
  • Aerospace-, aviation- or defence- related industry specification
  • Annual revenues in the range of approximately EUR 1 million to EUR 50 million

To source outside capital for small and medium-sized companies (SME) the listing of corporate bonds offers an efficient opportunity to raise debt capital through an exchange.

The listing of corporate bonds enables growth and innovation and increases your company’s public profile significantly.

Metrocore and its partners support you effectively with the sourcing of outside capital through exchanges.

Target groups

  • European small and medium-sized companies (SME)
  • Aerospace-, aviation- or defence- related industry specification
  • Companies, seeking capital for growth
  • Annual revenues in the range of approximately EUR 1 million to EUR 50 million
  • Mini-Bonds
  • Convertible-Notes
  • Crowdfunding
  • Private Equity
  • Direct Lending